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Shadows on the Nile

Shadows on the Nile

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1930s: A Egyptian trail in the search for a girl’s missing brother

  • ISBN: 978-0751543377
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

From the sleek jazz clubs and smokey rooms of 1930s London, to the dust and heat of an Egyptian summer, this novel is one for the five senses. The era is a magical setting for this tale of a tale of detective work and a race to find out what really happened to her brother Tim – he was an ancient Egyptian archaeology expert who goes missing whilst over there and so Jessie goes over there to find out what went on. turns out that he has left some kind of trail behind and when she joins forces with Sir Montague Chamford – they attempt to follow and find Tim. They grow closer but Jessie starts to wonder if Monty is being as honest as he should be….

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Egypt is the perfect setting for this kind of mystery novel in our opinion – the unknown, the dusty streets, the hot air which puts people off walking too far in you’re from england and not sued to the heat and of course the desert and the mythology of the country and its legends.

We follow Jessie across to her relatively normal and simple life in chic Jazz London to a hot and heady place such as the Egyptian desert with the sun on her back and the backdrop of the political situation in 1930s Egypt all around. It reads like some sort of Treasure hunt and that’s really what this is with the clues that Jessie follows but the setting makes it all the more mysterious and when someone goes missing in a foreign and distant land, the intrigue is even greater.

This is also like an Egyptian tapestry with the colours and fabrics of the plot woven carefully round red herrings and escapist plots. Seams are filled with Egyptian history and as each piece is stitched into place , a full picture emerges.

We think that Egypt has that level of mystery that no other country really has an so it more than adds to the novel and when there are lines such as this,we want to go all the more –

“….the ancient statues of blank eyes pharoahs with their distinctive high forehead and almond eyes he felt Egypt reach out to him”

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