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One Summer in Italy

One Summer in Italy

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2000s: You’ll want to try this Levi on for size!

  • ISBN: 978-0008260040
  • Genre: Humour, Romance

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Sofia Bianchi has looked after her father Aldo for years, so when he dies, it makes her stop and reconsider a lot about her own life. She made some promises to Aldo in his dying days and she’s keen to keep them.

She heads off to Italy’s Umbrian mountains and her search for answers begins. As she settles into the Italian village, she meets other people also looking for answers of their own.

Her stay in Italy is not going to be straight forward – especially not when she meets the handsome Levi.

Travel Guide


The promise in this book, well there are several but the best one: “Go To  Monteliberta and drink Orvieto Classico as it’s meant to be drunk – designed  for the Italian palate , not the British one.”

With that kind of advice, you know the visit to Italy is going to be interesting. That’s not just why she goes of course. She’s also got to say sorry to Uncle Gianni but there’s a lot to the story she doesn’t know yet. That’s what she and the reader discovers on this sunny visit to Umbria:


Monteliberta was a select but significant  tourist destination, much of it made from the same rock it perched upon, like a little brother of the city of Orvieto to the north. Casa Felice stood on the edge of the town, secluded on its own grounds yte only a ten- minute walk from the centre”

The village is fictional but there are a few places beginning with M just north of Orvieto where Monteliberta is located.

The village is full of sunshine, Paladian fronted buildings with lemon walls, carved wooden doors, cobbled alleys, pavement cafes and ceramic vases with lemons and grapes painted vases. The scent of lavender in the air which helps when Sophia explores and looks for answers. What a place to do it! Just wish it were real…

Well Umbria is!

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Well this is a sunny read! Starts off sad as Sophia knows her father is dying. But she’s determined to ensure she makes good on her promises to him. So, off she goes to Umbria in Italy but ends up having quite the adventure. Her father did tell her she should start living after caring for him so much, and now she does her best to do that. Even though the very pretty village of Monteliberta might be fictional, it’s the ideal place to start over!

The descriptions of the setting, the italian way of life, the scent of lavender and the promise she’s made her father to “drink Orvieto Classico as it’s meant to be drunk”

She even ends up helping someone else having problems and meets a man called Levi. That’s when things get very interesting. A nice singsong summery story to enjoy  with an ice-cream in your hand and sunhat on your head. And keep peeking over your sunglasses incase a real life Levi wanders past.

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Destination : Umbria  Author/Guide: Sue Moorcroft  Departure Time: 2000s

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