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No Other Darkness

No Other Darkness

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2000s: Sarah Hilary is a master at taking you to the darkest recesses of the human mind and to places you would never think evil existed…

  • ISBN: 978-1472207722
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Two young boys have been found in a bunker and DI Marnie is both saddened and sickened at this latest case The boys went missing five years previous and she is determined to find answers as to who they are and how they ended up there.

For DI Marnie, there is no other darkness than this. She leads the team and there are a lot of leads to follow.

The gardener who found the bunker is moved to a safe house and investigations start up with a vengeance.

Just what other secrets are buried underground?

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One of the most haunting and dark opening chapters takes you to the heart of this book’s darkness. The most harrowing of places – a bunker where two children are as yet still alive before the horrific end. Five years later and the bunker is discovered but there is no light which enters this tale, only more darkness.

Two dead children, identities unknown found huddled together in a bunker….

The investigations which follow take DI Marnie and her team to some very dark places. Leads take her and the team to crimes oast and personal hells for the families involved as they come to terms with the true meaning of torture.

DS Noah Jakes works with Marnie to delve into the case which soon becomes a lot more complicated and widespread than first thought. The area of Snaresbrook, a relatively nice and quiet residential part of London soon becomes the hunting ground for the police and the setting for some very chilling scenes. Just who does live there and how well do you know your neighbour?

The bunker reveals a lot more secrets than just the bodies of the children. Violence is hidden there – the soil from the garden is trod all through the house and the floor is  “bruised by damp.”
But sometimes the real isolation we feel, the real darkness all around us, is that from within.

And that’s the darkest recess of them all – the human mind.

Due to the nature of this book, the booktrail merely picks out some nice places in and around Snaresbrook and not individual streets, many of which are obviously fictional anyway.

Booktrailer Review


A unique subject for a crime novel – a psychological  thriller and this was a very disturbing read. Having said that the language and the skill of Sarah Hilary makes this an intriguing read and although heartbreaking, it was a new and unique approach for a thriller of this kind.

Its a novel where the language is the real star – the floor ‘ bruised by the damp’ really left an impression on me for the myriad of emotions it portrays in so few words.

Those poor boys. There’s an image I’ll never forget. As for the finale, Sarah spares no punches and my gut is still reeling from the visceral raw feeling I was left with.

The characters were complicated, mixed and as the book progresses each one becomes more rounded and their backgrounds come to light, revealing a new and disturbing reality of the present.

Sarah Hilary has really done her research and then some.

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