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Tastes Like Fear

Tastes Like Fear

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2000s : DI Marnie Rome has  a disturbing case at Battersea Power Station to solve. Young girls are going missing….

  • ISBN: 978-1472236838
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Tastes like Fear is the third outing for DI Marnie Rome and this is going to be an extremely difficult case both to cope with and to solve. When a partially clothed girl runs into the path of a car causing the driver to swerve and crash, witness are shocked to see her immediately run off and disappear. Who is she and why did she run? Could she be May Beswick, a girl from a good family who has recently disappeared? OR could it be the start of a very dark case indeed. Is May the girl everyone thinks she is?

So many questions and DI Marnie has to answer them all before it’s too late.

Travel Guide

Battersea Power station – the dark dank streets of London – the shadows of those who roam the streets after everyone else has gone to bed. The derelict and abandoned site is the very place that someone wanting to hide, someone wanting to hide others would go themselves.

Harm, an apt name for a man who claims to kidnap girls in order to keep them from danger. He runs what he believes to be a safe house where food and a warm safe environment is provided in return for childlike submission. His house is one of chilling foreboding, favoritism amongst the girls which causes what little structure they have in their lives to come tumbling down. These are teenager runways, trapped in a place where not many would think of going. Hidden in an isolated derelict place both in London and in society itself. Harm lectures the girls from the dangers outside but the real danger is within their very walls.

Streetview Maps

1) London - Battersea Power Station
Where Harm lurks in the novel
1) London - Battersea Power Station
From across the river

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I’ve just had what I am now calling a Hilary heart attack. A shock that I may not recover from unless a lot of air and TLC is now administered (along with a cup of tea and a biscuit of course). Why do I subject myself to these novels? Beacause they’re damn good that’s why and I don’t like actual rollercoasters so I have to get my thrills somehow. Tastes Like Fear? Well yes it does Miss Hilary and it’s shocking as it really could happen and god forbid probably is. There’s certainlty been stories in the papers recently about girls getting taken from the streets, ‘helped’ by men who claim to want to look after them and keep them from harm. Keep them from Harm……when you read this you’ll know why that sentence starts the heart going again.

Sarah Hilary always writes about subjects which give me the chills. Someone ‘helping’ lost and runaway girls by setting up a house where he is control certainly fits into that category. Harm is his name – very apt and it’s his story I found very interesting. The girls plight is also very well evoked and the you hear the sound of footprints on the web cobbled streets of London as you read. Next time I pass by Battersea, I’ll certainly see it in a different light!

It wasn’t just the story but the writing and the imagery that stood out. I  mean the way Harm talks to the girls, the way they talk to each other trying to make sense of their situation. And the girl who is nearly run over! Freaky in many ways but Sarah Hilary literary prowess at her best.

Tastes Like Fear? It  most certainly does. That was exactly the taste I had in my mouth after reading this book. Disturbingly brilliant I would say.

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