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Someone Else’s Skin

Someone Else’s Skin

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2000s: Who should you fear the most? A stranger or someone closest to you?

  • ISBN: 978-1472207685
  • Genre: Crime

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London. A women’s refuge. Should be a place of safety. DI Marnie Rome is there in the hope that she can persuade one of the women to be a witness in a case. The refuge is rather a cold and unforgiving place, certainly not one of safety or a place where the women can speak and have a voice. This women’s refuge is headed by a man and the women there all have sad and tragic stories to tell. Stories which when put together form a very dangerous picture of something all together more disturbing and more dangerous that even DI Marnie was expecting. Now she has to deal with the demons there and those in her own life.

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For a crime novel, this book takes you to some dark places. Dark in the sense of the subject matter and dark due to the dismal refuge centre for women. This is not your usual kind of refuge centre – no sense of safety or a place where they feel protected and looked after. She and a colleague walk into to look for a witness and end up finding a body. With the women scared, vulnerable and not all as they seem.

With DI Marnie, and her own demons concerning the murder of her parents, this is going to be a tough case and a dead men in a women’s refuge centre is concerning on every level. The centre is full of characters from various walks of life. Domestic violence haunts women from all walks of life – it discriminates no one, and those who try to help are also affected. coming to terms with the past is not easy  and this issue has so many faces, so many disguises, so many ways to miss what is right in front of you.

Heartbreaking and poignant in equal measure. The true and devastating face of refuge and the way out for women everywhere.

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