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  • Location: Buenos Aires, Havana, Seville

Living La Vida Loca

Living La Vida Loca

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Dance as well as read your way around the most passionate and sexy countries ever – Argentina, Cuba and Spain!

  • ISBN: 978-0340994443
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Carmen is bored and she needs to escape, well, life really. So when good and equally bored and frustrated Beth suggests a get away – dancing their way around the world no less, Carmen nearly rips her arm off in the excitement. but as with anything that sounds perfect there is a catch – they only have the chance to do this if they take part in a reality tv show and learn the dances as they are taken on this journey.

The girls head off on one amazing dance adventure from Buenos Aires to Seville and steamy, sexy rum-infused Havana. Oh the people and the nice looking men they meet?

But what happens when the music stops?

Travel Guide

Travelling and reading is a good mix – no a fantastic mix!  – but what about travel and dance? If you can read your way around the world as we do, them what about dancing your way around the world? Turns out it is some of the best fun Carmen and Beth have had in a long time. Not to mention us!

Argentina –

There are a good many beauty spots in Argentina – the Iguazu Falls,  the glaciers of Patagonia…

The way the girls completely immerse themselves with the dancing is electric to see .  They learn not only the steps but the essence of what the tango means and represents As they say ‘Tango is not dancing to forget. Quite the contrary.. Their story, their search for love is all explored as they loosen up both literally and figuratively ..


The land of the Zorro hatted men –

We arrive in Seville in the midst of the Spring Fair, known as La Feria de Abril: a fantasy of Spain made real with Zorro hatted men.

You can tell Belinda knows her stuff and more than that loves the places and locations she takes us the readers.

We feel we can dance a little Paso Doble dance and how excited we were to find a playlist for each of the three countries tucked inside the cover. We would like to suggest the group Ella Baila Sola for some funky Spanish tunes as well.

Next stop – Cuba!

You can smell the cigars and the rum and hear the music coming from each and every wall of every building as they drive around Cuba. A great image is conjured by the line – There are over 50 000 vintage american automobiles in Cuba so there is a saying ‘The country does not have a car museum. Cuba is a car museum’ That before the dancing made us want to head out there right now.

As they told (which made our toes tingle with dance excitement) Fortunately in Cuba you are experiencing a nation of dancers, they have been training since they were children’.

Oh and be sure to play the seventies song Cuba by the Gibson Brothers as this is the song that gets Beth going…

Streetview Maps

1) Spain - Seville - The Plaza Duque de la Victoria
5) Argentina - BA - Avenida de Corrientes
This Avenida is known as the Broadway of Buenos Aires

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