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  • Location: Costa Rica

Cafe Tropicana

Cafe Tropicana

Why a Booktrail?

2000s – Belinda Jones really does the location thing well – she writes stories almost as an ode to the locations she chooses and with this one, there’s the dream of a coffee shop too which is just perfect!

  • ISBN: 978-0099489870
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Ava Langston has a dream to open a coffee shop in Bath. But when her estranged father telephones her to say that he has got married again in Costa Rica and that he would love it if she came and met her new stepmother, she is not sure. Even when he suggests that he would like her to open a coffee shop there, she is still not sure. Her friend Ollie helps to persuade her to give it a chance.

Anyway, she goes but when she meets fellow co- worker Santiago things become very interesting indeed. Especially when her new stepmother tries to set her up with a guy called Ryan.

So with Santiago, Ryan and Ollie in her life, what is a girl to do? And what about her dream to run a coffee shop? Will it be in Costa Rica or in Bath?

Travel Guide

Costa Rica with Belinda Jones as your guide? yes please! It’s one of those locations that most of us would love to go to since it represents a lot of the exotic and notions of great countries we would love to go to but know nothing about.

It’s not just the physical descriptions that are so evocative. Equally so are the descriptions and inclusion of things such as the smell of coffee, the different blends and the nature that is so stunning and unique in this part  of the world. Turtle nesting is something we booktrailers had not really thought much about before and didn’t really know what it was but we do now and how lovely that we have experienced it!

“The females will one day return to the beach to lay their eggs and the maiden voyage from nest to sea is what imprints them”

These turtles bring a charm to the story and the island that is unique and special –

“Even by day the sand on Tortuguero beach is a dark and  mink; by night its like tramping upon muddy pepper. I look out at the black water chased by crests of white and wonder, are you out there turtles?”

The paradise that turns out to be quite the landscape what with smooth Santiago and rugged Ryan. Trailing around locations in order to find the perfect spot to set up a coffee shop where the coffee beans grow?

Fragrant and charming.

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