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  • Location: Hollywood, San Diego, Yosemite

The California Club

The California Club

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: California really is the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?

  • ISBN: 978-0099445487
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Lara Richards jets off to glamorous California,but the last thing she’s expecting is to find her old friend Helen transformed from a clipboard-clasping frump into a shimmering surf goddess.  Just what is the secret of her blissful new life? Something called The mysterious California Club it would seem…

So the offer of guest membership – one wish, guaranteed to come true by the end of their stay is one Lara and her friends can’t resist. Could this be Lara’s chance to win her best friend Elliot’s heart after ten years of longing? Or does the fact that he’s travelling with his brand new fiancée mean that Lara will have to come up with a new dream…?

Travel Guide

San Diego – Hotel Del Coronado

Helen works as a pastry chef at the legendary Hotel Del Coronado, set on a tiny island across the bay from San Diego. It’w where Some Like itHot was filmed and still attracts big movie stars today – in fact the day Helen called to say Russell Crowe had just checked in was the day we finally quit our assorted procrastinations and booked our flights.

Los Angeles – The Beverly Hills hotel

“On my God!” That’s where the Osbournes have been filming. Zoe squeaks. “I Heard Kelly Osbourne checked in there for two week weeks when she had flu so her mother wouldn’t catch it”


“Did you know that the biggest park in the state is actually Yosemite National Park?”

“On to stunning Bridal Veil waterfall. Sam tells us how pure the tap water is in Yosemite and ridicules the fools who pay for imported mineral water while in the park”

“From the chaparral-covered foothills to the high Sierra Crest there are 4 – 600 black bears roaming Yosemite. We often get asked whether you can outrun a bear. Well the fastest humans can run is 23 mph . A bear can run between 25 and 30mph…”

Streetview Maps

A) CA - Los Angeles - Hollywood sign
D) CA - Yosemite

Booktrail Boarding Pass: The California Club

Author/Guide: Belinda Jones  Destination: Hollywood, San Diego, Yosemite  Departure Time: 2000s

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