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  • Location: Las Vegas

Diva Las Vegas

Diva Las Vegas

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Belinda Jones is a seasoned and passionate traveller and just when you think you know Las Vegas from books and TV, she shows you an angle and the essence of the place you’ve not seen before!

  • ISBN: 978-0099414926
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Friends forever, Jamie and Izzy share a dream: a glitzy double wedding in Las Vegas. At age 27, they’ve had enough of rubbish boyfriends and so think Las vegas is the perfect place to go to in order to possible find someone special enough.

Las Vegas or Sin City is definitely the place where you can forget anything and everything – its has that way of grabbing you by your elvis collar and shaking all of your misconceptions aside. what happens in vegas stays in vegas, isn’t that what they say? Well it would be a good tagline for this novel.

With their groom-grabbing plan starting to go wrong as soon as they get off the plane, there is a lot of Las Vegas to deal with and what fun they have!

Travel Guide

If you’ve never been to Vegas then you will feel you’ve not only been there but have bought the T-shirt too. The descriptions of Vegas, the shows, the strips, the madness and the unique atmosphere  are brilliantly depicted or illustrated should we say since the words drawn clear and fun pictures in your mind.

“Old rockers don’t die, they just play Vegas”

Been on a road trip across the USA, then again this book (can we just mention how fab the title is and very apt for the setting – we saw a few divas on the strip 😉 . The booktrailers who read this really want to go back there now but with this book as an unofficial guide.

Within minutes we’re entering the dazzling rainbow kingdom

And of course given the descriptions of food, we would go to all the diners and great places we found as we walked in the footsteps of Jamie, Izzy and co. Already feeling like we know them like our real friends, these literary companions are great to have in the city that has so many faces!

Laughs aplenty and the fact that they  take a jar of marmite with them on the plane shows up a truth about brits travelling even on the first page!

Streetview Maps

1) NV - Las Vegas Circus Circus
3) NC - Las Vegas -Flamingo Flamingo hotel

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