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  • Location: Edinburgh

Living is a Problem

Living is a Problem

Why a Booktrail?

2024: The Skelf women are back

  • ISBN: 978-1916788268
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

The Skelf women are back on an even keel after everything they’ve been through. But when a funeral they’re conducting is attacked by a drone, Jenny fears they’re in the middle of an Edinburgh gangland vendetta.

At the same time, Yana, a Ukrainian member of the refugee choir that plays with Dorothy’s band, has gone missing. Searching for her leads Dorothy into strange and ominous territory.

And Brodie, the newest member of the extended Skelf family, comes to Hannah with a case: Something or someone has been disturbing the grave of his stillborn son.

Everything is changing for the Skelfs … Dorothy’s boyfriend Thomas is suffering PTSD after previous violent trauma, Jenny and Archie are becoming close, and Hannah’s case leads her to consider the curious concept of panpsychism, which brings new danger … while ghosts from the family’s past return to threaten their very lives.

Travel Guide


Oh you will not have seen Edinburgh in this way before!

We get to see the dark sides to the city and the many cemeteries dotted around the city. Of course, given that the Skelfs work in and around the burial business, the cemeteries are their place of work and not their place of rest.

This city is very much a character in the books and in this one, we see a unique angle of the city that Doug Johnstone has made his own.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Prey

Destination/Location: Edinburgh   Author: Doug Johnstone  Departure: 2024

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