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  • Location: Edinburgh

Fault Lines

Fault Lines

Why a Booktrail?

Set in the future: Edinburgh is on a fault line…and so too are the lives of those who live there

  • ISBN: 978-1912374151
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Edinburgh – a newly divided city since a tectonic fault has opened up to produce a new volcano in the Firth of Forth.

Volcanologist Surtsey makes a shocking discovery one day on a clandestine trip to The Inch. She’s there to meet Tom, her lover and her boss. What she finds however, is his lifeless body and so finding herself somewhere she’s not supposed to be, with someone she’s not supposed to be with….she makes the fatal decision to keep their affair, and her discovery of his corpse secret.

Surtsey’s life quickly spirals into a nightmare as the secret she’s keeping proves to be too hard to bear. Then someone makes contact – someone who claims to know what she’s done….

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In Edinburgh, a volcanic island, called the Inch, has emerged from a fault line in the Firth of Forth. This is an island which has appeared from the earth’s crust and is as imposing, dark and rugged as you might imagine.

It’s an area with some of the most fascinating geology and a place to sit and study the tremors which caused it and which are still felt here and for miles around. So near to the very familiiar city of Edinburgh but far away enough to render the island unpredictable, wild and raw in landscaoe and atmosphere.

Through the novel, the city is besieged by earthquakes as the land shudders and shakes along the fault line…that crack in the earth from where bad things come…to change the world as we know it beyond any kind of recognition.

This is a dream island for Volcanologists studying the formation of the earth and the creation of the island such as Surtsey, the main character who is as hot headed and passionate as lava itself.

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Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Atmosphere check, cracking dialogue – check, and a murder mystery to freak you out as it’s on an island close to Edinburgh – you can see safety but can’t reach it…

From the scene stealing first paragraph, the novel just got better and better. Doug Johstone has writtena novel that hits the spot in every way possible. The setting for me of course was the greatest pull -hpow unique is an alternative island close to Edinburgh. It’s a city I know very well and this just made it even more chilling.

The character of Surtsey however was a major pull – what better main character to have study the fault lines of an island and be at the centre of a murder than swearing, pot-smoking, loudmouth, maverick than Surtsey! She says everything you’re thinking, that the police daren’t say and I wanted to high five her on more than one occasion.

Oh and then there’s the writing – rugged and raw, immersive and a flavour to it not until the salt sprinkles on your tongue if you were to stand on The Inch for real.

It’s all very believable – Edinburgh is a city built on old volcanoes and is as rugged and rocky as any city I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect setting for a thriller, the perfect mix of raw dialogue and creepy telephone messages with the Johnstone seal of silk Scottish writing.

There’s no fault lines in this book – just brilliant, crisp, cheeky and chilling ones! Doug Johnstone’s pen must ooze lava and burn the pages as he writes.

Smokin’ hot this read!

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Destination : Edinburgh  Author/Guide: Doug Johnstone  Departure Time: In the future

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