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  • Location: Istanbul

Deep Waters (Inspector Ikmen 4)

Deep Waters (Inspector Ikmen 4)

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2000s: An Albanian man ins found dead in the Bosphorus and an age old Albanian feud comes to the fore

  • ISBN: 978-0747267195
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

A hideous discovery, a man virtually decapitated is found by the Bosphorus. His name is Rifat Berisha, an Albanian and Inspector Cetin Ikmen knows this is going to be a difficult investigation since the family seem to be a closed shop and that the crime seems to be a result of an old blood feud,  which has lasted for many years. Fearing that this finding of this body will lead to even more bloodshed, he is determined to act fast, particularly since he is concerned that his own background could cause even more problems in an already sensitive investigation.

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Against a background of an ancient Albanian feud, a fight which has lasted between two renowned families, for many years. Inspector Cetin Ikmen is also of Albanian  descent could be walking in to a historic and religious mine field.

Inspector Ikmen has to face up to his past and what he does and doesn’t know about his mothers tragic death. This is only the start of an uncomfortable journey for this chain smoking policeman.

“Madness masquerading as magic?”

This Istanbul has many more dark secrets to come from out of the shadows and the age old family feud amongst the city’s Albanian population brings out a new and unexplored side to the city.  when it crosses over into Ikham’s own life, things really start to get interesting

“Apart from a few commonly held beliefs about the superstitions of the Albanians, the only thing that he really grasped about them was their enthusiastic pursuit of what they called the Gjakmaria – the blood feud”

It soon becomes apparent that the Albanians have a strict sense of right and wrong and that their blood feuds are no game. When the bloodied shirt of the dead man is hung up, the other family will know they mean business, but when Ikman tries to stop the situation escalating, he puts his own family at risk.

The history of blood feuds, Albanian family structure beliefs and psychology sets the scene of an Istanbul with many secrets behind the tourist facades.

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