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  • Location: London, Syria

Bright Shiny Things

Bright Shiny Things

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2000s: An altogether realistic story of how radicalism takes hold


  • ISBN: 978-0749021467
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Out of the blue, private investigator and ex-soldier Lee Arnold receives a visit from an old army mate. Abbas al’Barri worked as a translator with him during the Second Iraq War. Now living in Ilford with his family, Abbas is convinced that he’s had a message from his estranged son Fayyaad, who was radicalised and was last thought to be fighting for ISIL in Iraq. Does Fayyaad’s message indicate a change of heart?

Abbas is desperate for Lee’s help in establishing some contact with him, a point with which Lee’s Muslim assistant Mumtaz might be able to help. From the bright lights of the Western world, to the murky online recruitment techniques of radical Islamism, Lee and Mumtaz have little to guide them in who to trust as they begin a journey into the belly of the beast.

Travel Guide

London – Brick Lane

Brick Lane

An area known for its Indian heritage and curry houses. This is where many of the people in the book live including Rajiv. In this story, there is the dark side to this street, area and community for some families live under a shadow suspecting that one of their own has gone over to Syria to fight with ISIS. How does a family cope knowing that one of their sons could now be fighting for such a ’cause;?

What has happened to you? And do not blame our religion for this. Whatever you are doing, this is not from faith. This is politics. This is Jews against Muslim. Muslims against homosexuals. This is war”

This is a look not at ISIS but at those people who are left behind to find out, receive the news, try to understand why one of their own, Western born and bred, should have been taken in by this rhetoric and ideology. How the ISIS mindset seems to want to build a Caliphate but that to do this, they need modern technology and are using social media to recruit fighters from the West.

“The World is filthy and corrupted. This is a war for the soul of a world that will descend into chaos unless mankind bows to the Will of God as it should”

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Author/Guide: Barbara Nadel Destination: London, Syria  Departure Time: 2000s

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