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On the Bone (Inspector Ikmen 18)

On the Bone (Inspector Ikmen 18)

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2000s: In the golden city on the Bosphorus – a dead man’s last meal was found to be human flesh

  • ISBN: 978-1472213792
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

A young man is found dead in the fashionable district of Beyoglu, in Istanbul. He seems to have died from natural causes so nothing suspicious but when they do the autopsy, his last meal seems to have been human flesh.

Inspector Cetin Ikmen and his colleague Mehmet Süleyman begin their most bizarre and sickening investigation yet. How did the dead man, Ümit Kavas, come to eat human flesh? He was a good man and nothing to suggest he would partake in something so horrific and taboo.

The journey to find the truth is stomach churning…

Travel Guide

On the Bone – best not to think about that title so closely – is a stomach churning visit to the city of Istanbul. A city where controversy and taboo apparently live side by side.

As the novel opens in the party and fun side to the city – Istikial Caddesi, the party street in the city which has many streets of the celebrating kind. So for a body to be found here – and with stomach contents which will churn yours. Before his death, he is troubled by what he’s eaten but claims he was curious.

Now this is the city where Islam is one of the main religions and food has to be blessed and no pork is allowed for example. The importance and religious significance of food is well known. One company is heavily criticise for having had traces of pork found in their products. Nothing compared to what follows.

The novel then delves deep into not just the bowels of the characters but the bowels of the city – with the underground ‘scene’ to rival any other one you’ve ever seen in a novel. There are some ultra references to modern day politics and religion – the first mention of ISIS in a novel that we know of.

Booktrailer Review

Clare thebooktrailer

Not for me I’m afraid. Many people will love this and be attracted to its dark nature, but this was something I just couldn’t stomach if you pardon the pun. I don’t feel that I really appreciated the good parts of the book as the overall images and taste that I had in my mouth just overtook everything else. I love Barbara Nadel and her other books so this won’t put me off reading her books again. Just not this one I’m afraid.


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