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  • Location: Istanbul

Harem (Inspector Ikmen 5)

Harem (Inspector Ikmen 5)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: A powerful secret exists in the labyrinth city……

  • ISBN: 978-0747267201
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

There are many secrets buried deep within the city of Istanbul, for it is a city built on top of intrigue, murder and cavernous tunnels. Within these tunnels a young girl is found murdered, dressed in a 19th century ottoman costume. A friend of Inspector Cetin Ikmen’s daughter is would seem. Too close for comfort he is taken off the case and reassigned to the kidnapping of an old movie star’s wife. The movie star is hiding a secret and the whole foundation of the Istanbul lkmen know is about to come crumbling down

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Istanbul is a city which has hidden secrets within its walls and ancient streets since Ottoman times and this is no exception. Ikmen is at the centre of it all and he’s suffering in more ways than one. He has family problems, family links to the dead girl and a disgruntled child.

On the front cover there is the line ‘An ancient city, the oldest profession and a very modern crime’ which sets the scene brilliantly since Turkey is itself a mix of old, new and new social, religious and political changes. Such a fascinating backdrop to the story which unfolds.

The most fascinating part of this story and picture of Istanbul is the length of cisterns which run underneath its very foundations –

“The cisterns which riddle the foundations of the old city were built buy the Byzantine emperors. Fed with water from the Belgrade forest,by Acequactucs, these enormous spaces ensured that  despite drought or siege, the city of Constatine never went thirsty. It was a very successful system, for a time.”

A booktrail of sorts underneath a city? Not done that since Paris and its labyrinth of tunnels. However this seems to be linked more with the historical make up of the city and so breeds more darkness and intrigue than ever before.

The stories linked to the existence of these tunnels, their significance throughout history are explore and dissected in relation to the murder which has now sullied its existence.

A fascinating insight into Turkey past and present and a guide around the city of Istanbul linked to history and understanding and all through the eyes of an author who clearly loves the country of which she writes.

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