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2000s: “She watched him die. She did nothing, as the man she supposedly loved took his final breath”

  • ISBN: 978-1471141379
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Someone believes that secrets and lies are the deathly nell for relationships. Literally. That couples who hold secrets from each other should be punished and forced to face up to their duplicity. By sitting in front of each other and one watching the other being killed before being killed themselves.

This is the end to the glittering and promising careers of social media starts Chloe Morrison and Joe Hooper who seem to have it all but then whose lives end in the most gruesome way. The fame they craved when alive is ironically overshadowed by the level of media interest following their deaths

Travel Guide

Anfield stadium

The surrounds of the famous Anfield stadium is the setting for the media death of two prominent media reality stars and its ironic that the police now have to keep away onlookers from the scene of the crime  ‘embellishing the nothingness of what they could actually see into something more tangible an interesting”

Liverpool police – St Anne’s Street

The team is now know a the Murder Squad which has been established in the wake of a busy couple of years in the city. As a serial killer and a mass murder just a few months later had ensured that a new unit of policing was needed and the public outcry which followed cemented it in stone.

The Wirral and the city of Liverpool

Chloe’s mother lives on the other side of the River Mersey, The Wirral and Liverpool are separate entities and The Wirall is where Murphy used to use live in Moreton. The footballers seem to live in Caldy but Rossi says that if he had the money he’d be looking at Formby and the like. “Something in the Wirral put me off”

“It’s not Liverpool, but then, where is? Liverpool isn’t like anywhere else really”

Streetview Maps

A) Anfield Stadium
B) St Anne Police station

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