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Bad Blood – (Intercrime 2)

Bad Blood – (Intercrime 2)

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2000s: The FBI call and alert the Swedish police to the fact that a serial killer, possibly one they thought long dead, is on his way to Sweden

  • ISBN: 978-0099575696
  • Translator: Rachel Willson-Broyles
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Detective Paul Hjelm receives a frightening call from the FBI in America which alerts him to the fact that a serial killer is on his way to Sweden. A Swedish literary critic has been found tortured to death at Newark International Airport. His plane ticket is missing…

The killer’s methods closely mirror those of the so called ‘Kentucky Killer’ who used very specific techniques so the police are understandably worried. The gruesome MO involved squeezing the vocal chords shut.

Now this man or at least his gruesome killings are back but has he really come back from beyond the grave and if so what on earth does he wants in Sweden?

The A Unit – the ‘The National Criminal Police’s Special Unit For Violent Crimes of An International Character’ is on the case…

Travel Guide

From rainswept New York city streets to deserted Kentucky farmhouses and the picturesque streets of Stockholm.
Arlanda airport in Stockholm stands on guard –

“At this very moment he is on flight SK 904 which will land at Arlanda in just under an hour at 08.10. All together the place is carrying 163 passengers, and the police in New York have chosen not to inform the crew of the situation.”

But the description only came into the A Unit minutes after many flights had landed and the passengers had already flocked through immigration. So the hunted man becomes one of Stockholm’s crowds…

“That his desire to come to Sweden was so strong that it caused him to take a risk that he probably wouldn’t have taken otherwise. And in that case, he has a very definite goal here”

The investigation starts with little evidence and at times little hope, but the team soon take a field trip to the FBI offices in New York where they hope to find more about the man they are seeking, discussingd –

“..the US model of ‘ community policing, the city’s new and successful model for fighting crime, about the structure and strange priorities of the Swedish police systems, about the autumn storm in Stockholm and extremely superficially about the FBI and the Kentucky Killer”

The team at home in Stockholm and those who have travelled to New York make some surprising and sickening discoveries. The MO for example seems to be a little known technique developed during the Vietnam War. Why this one and why the sudden revival in its use?
Dual investigations, cultural differences and the abuse of power on both sides of the Atlantic…

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