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And When I Die

And When I Die

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2011: Families Can Be Murder

  • ISBN: 978-1910192573
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Ray Scobie is not dead. His family may think he is and the police may think he is but he’s not.

Ray is a man who has learned to survive. Betrayed by his own father, near-fatally wounded and now lying in hospital as ‘John Doe’. Now he wants revenge but the problem is that it’s his own family who run one of Glasgow’s most brutal crime syndicates.

And When I Die…is this now Ray’s swansong

Travel Guide

Glasgow – Ray Scobie’s Glasgow

“Ray Scobie is a psychopath. “I’m so far off the radar, not even Google Maps can find me now”

Maybe not, but you can use the map above to find a few places he frequents in the novel. If you zoom in on them, you may be able to see him, Well he has set the challenge.

As you look for him,the Scottish wit and banter keeps things ticking along nicely:

“A sunny day in Glasgow – anywhere in Scotland, really – is something to be celebrated”

But this is the city where gang violence is escalating and where  Ray Scobie is thought to be dead. Where he is going to now rise from the dead and come back haunting those who have  made his life a misery.

Once a Scobie, always a Scobie

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: And When I Die

Author/ Guide: Russel D McLean  Destination: Glasgow Departure Time: 2011

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