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A Quiet Death (Inspector Faro 5)

A Quiet Death (Inspector Faro 5)

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1879 – The Tay Bridge has had a  strange and deadly history it would seem…

  • ISBN: B005AO99A8
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

A suicide from the unfinished Tay Bridge throws up a trail of sinister events in one of the most baffling and personal dilemmas of Inspector Faro’s career involving the future of his doctor stepson Vince Laurie, the poet William McGonagall and a series of crimes which had tragic and far reaching repercussions several years later when the Tay Bridge collapsed in 1879.

Travel Guide

Edinburgh – Newington

There is a handsome villa in the expanding suburb of Newington where Dr Vincent Beaumarcher lives and is resident doctor to  Dean Enterprises in Dundee. Dean’s is the company responsible for the bulding material contract for the Bridge over the River Tay. Sheridan Place  may be fictional but somewhere in the Newington area

Arthur’s Seat

The iconic and ancient volcano at the centre of the city – there are said to be many feral cats in and around the slopes and nooks and crannies here.  The suburbs of Newington and Grange on the sunny southern slopes of the city had been increasingly popular with a new and prosperous merchant and professional class.

“As the crow flies, only forty-six miles separated Edinburgh from Dundee, a journey that should have been a mere bagatelle for a Britain whose web  of railroads made accessible distant towns and opened up new opportunities for the labouring classes. Now men could seek employment further afield than the restrictions imposed by walking distances from their own tiny villages.”

Dundee – The Tay Bridge

Carries the main-line railway across the Firth of Tay in Scotland, between the city of Dundee and the suburb of Wormit in Fife.

The first bridge, opened in 1878, was a single-track. It collapsed in high winds on 28 December 1879. This event was one of the great engineering disasters of history.

When it was rebuilt – it was rebuilt as a double-track construction of iron and steel,and was opened in 1887.

Streetview Maps

A) Dundee - The Tay Bridge
E) Edinburgh - Granton Harbour

Booktrail Boarding Pass: A Quiet Death (Inspector Faro 5)

Author/Guide: Alanna Knight  Destination: Dundee, Edinburgh  Departure Time: 1870s

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