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  • Location: Isle of Bute

Murder Lies Waiting

Murder Lies Waiting

Why a Booktrail?

1906: The idea of an island escape sounds very inviting, doesn’t it?

  • ISBN: 978-0749022198
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

For Rose McQuinn the invitation to holiday at a luxury hotel on the isle of Bute is an unexpected delight until she discovers the real reason is to investigate a twenty year old non-proven murder case. With close links to a strange local family of ancient origin whose modern castle holds many dark secrets, Rose’s involvement in this challenge unleashes a web of intrigue and sinister happenings as she realises too late when a drowned man is a murder victim and someone decides she is close enough to the truth not to leave the island alive.

Travel Guide

Welcome to the isle of Bute

There’s nothing quite like an island to have an adventure and murder mystery! Starting in a hotel in Rothesay, we soon head to the fictional setting of a grand manor house called Vantry castle where there is a murder and a mystery all in one…

Vantry castle

You will find the drive quite delightful,”Harry interrupted. “There are some lovely views across the Firth of Clyde from Kilchattan Bay, aren’t there , Gerald?

“There is a special weekend tour to Vantry Castle, a bit tourist attraction run by the tramway, which continues from Port Bannatyne and links up with a horse-drawn vehicle from St Colmac, and during the season takes passengers right up the the door instead of having to endure a steep walk uphill.”

Rothesay Castle

“I decided to take a walk along the seafront and have a quick look at Rothesay Castle. I had chosen the right time of day with a few rosy clouds floating over its lofty summit. In much the same fashion as an ageing woman, this thirteenth-century castle benefited from the absence of revealing sunlight, giving the appearance of being remarkably well preserved for its age”

Port Bannatyne

A small village up the coast where the trams leave from and where characters venture to investigate. Trams here can be caught to Port Colmac and back to Guildford Square.


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Murder Lies Waiting

Destination:  Isle of Bute Author/guide: Alanna Knight Departure: 1906

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