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The Inspector’s Daughter (Rose McQuinn 1)

The Inspector’s Daughter (Rose McQuinn 1)

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1890s: From the wild west of America to the wild East End of Edinburgh…

  • ISBN: 978-0749082031
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Rose McQuinn returns home to Edinburgh after losing her husband and baby son in the Wild West of the 1890s. She desperately wants to come and try to heal after the horrible events of her past, she wants something familiar where she used to know.

However peace is not going to be her friend for long. There is a murder in the area and she is closer to the truth than she may wish to be. So when she starts to investigate the murder, she could be in danger herself.
Like her father, the legendary Detective Inspector Faro, she is determined to get to the truth and walk in his footsteps to the truth.

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Rose McQuinn moves back to the city of her birth and sees it through very different eyes. The city, just as she herself, has changed a great deal. As soon as she returns, barely is she off the train when she realises just how different Edinburgh now is.

Coming back from the Wild West if America to the somewhat lawless and gothic and considerably colder streets of Edinburgh would be a shock. As would living in an old Solomon’s tower at the foot of Arthur’s Set, an old Volcano

With only her (slightly otherworldly) deerhound Thane for company, she rediscovers the city but everywhere she goes,she sees the ghost of her father. She will walk the streets and visit the shadows of the city that he did.

When the circus comes to town, there’s more than just a show which comes with it. There are some very dark happenings and that’s saying something for Edinburgh in 1899.

There are two sides to Edinburgh – the new with Jenners on Princess Street being good for shopping even then! And the old tenement buildings which still make up much of the old town.

Should point out that Solomon’s Tower is fictional but it’s a good trek finding out where it would have stood and imagining Rose smiling when you have.

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C) Edinburgh - Arthur's Seat
D) Edinburgh - The old town St Giles

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  The Inspector’s Daughter (Rose McQuinn 1)

Author/ Guide: Alanna Knight  Destination: Edinburgh  Departure Time : 1899

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