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  • Location: Auckland, Wellington, Waikeke Island

Death on Demand

2000s: If you’re a member of a boys club do you ever really leave?

  • Location: Christchurch

Five Minutes Alone Theodore Tate 4

2000s: Christchurch is never quite the place  you imagine it to be in the hands of Paul Cleave….here someone is helping rape victims get their…

  • Location: Christchurch

The Laughterhouse – Theodore Tate 3

2000s – Theodore Tate, a private detective living in Christchurch fears that the perpetrator of his very first crime scene is back all these years…

  • Location: Christchurch

Collecting Cooper- Theodore Tate 2

2000s: Christchurch is being stalked by a woman killing men in uniform.

  • Location: Christchurch

Blood Men

2000s – Christchurch under the pen of Paul Cleave is not a nice place to be…it’s a city of fallen angels and murder.

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The Translator

Cold war:  a devastating Russian plot to sabotage the undersea communication cables linking the US to the UK

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