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  • Location: Nicaragua, Managua

The Jaguar Smile

1986 – Salman Rushdie gives a unique view of the Nicaragua he saw on his visit there

  • Location: Boston, Florida Keys (Key West), Martha's Vineyard

The Way You Look Tonight

1960s: Imagine and experience what life in 1960s America was like. Get to meet the Kennedy’s as the world only narrowly missed the horror of…

  • Location: Bejing (Peking)

The Foremost Good Fortune

2007 – Imagine travelling to Bejing for your husband’s work and then finding out you have breast cancer? How do you cope with living in…

  • Location: Prague

The Widow Killer

WW2 – In the final days of the Third Reich, a serial killer is stalking the streets of Prague…

  • Location: Denmark, Copenhagen

Music and Silence

1620s – Music and intrigue come to 17th Century Denmark and to the royal court

Featured Book

The Darkest Night

2000s:  Some secrets last for generations . . .

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