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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Paris, Auschwitz

Suite française

WW2 – A remarkable book about the Nazi occupation of France by a woman who was there and experienced the most terrible period of history…

  • Location: Gassin, Paris, Yorkshire

The Light Behind The Window

1940s, 1990s: A story of war, a story of wealth but more than anything, a story of hope. Also called The Lavender Garden

  • Location: Granada, Spain

The Return

1930s, 2000s: A story about Granada during the Spanish Republic, the Civil War and the ensuing years. A powerful narrative which stirs the emotions and…

  • Location: Tokyo

I Live in Tokyo 

See Tokyo and daily life in the city through the eyes of a little girl named Mimiko

  • Location: Toronto, China

The Dragon’s Egg

A magical Canadian children’s book

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The House of Whispers

1938: Sometimes the secrets of the past are more dangerous than the present…

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