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Falling Fast

Falling Fast

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2000s: If you’re scared of heights, you might want to skip the first chapter

  • ISBN: 978-1908643537
  • Genre: Crime

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Doug McGregor, Edinburgh journalist is on a mission to track down convicted rapist, Derek McGinty. He’s on the run after being hounded out of his home and home town by a lynch mob.

Meanwhile in the city centre a young woman plunges to her death from the Scott Monument . this is not just a grisly suicide however for the girl in quetions is  found to be the daughter of a prominent politician.

Soon two worlds come colliding thick and fast and together with DS susie Drummond, Doug is really on a story that could quite easily turn on him and bite him on the backside.

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This is gritty Edinburgh and the world of Scottish journalism rolled into one. Part one of a trilogy and part one of a journey deep inside the bowels of the Scottish capital and its busy bustling newsrooms. the Tribune is a fictional paper but ver realistically placed just beside the Scottish Parliament which features heavily in the story. Not that we’re suggesting the real politicians are anything those in the story but it’s fun to imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

The Scott Monument is such an iconic site in the city and has so much heritage and history embedded in it, that a suicide scene here would be tragic anywhere but here – is especially so. Many tourists climb this monument every day and if you’re even slightly nervous of heights, even if you’ve just climbed the monument yourself and admired the view, the first chapter will chill.

Down below in the city, there’s more grit in this novel than you can shake a stick at, lots of Edinburgh vernacular and you’ll want a pint with Doug in Deacon Brodie’s famous tavern by the end of it all.

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A) Edinburgh - Scott Monument
C) Edinburgh - Scottish Parliament

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Author/ Guide: Neil Broadfoot  Destination: Edinburgh, Skye  Departure Time :2000s

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