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  • Location: Freycinet


2000s:  Murder in the mountains, the Hazard Mountains and the mysterious surroundings of Freycinet Park

  • Location: Amsterdam, London, Dominican Republic

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die

2000s: A Jigsaw puzzle of a novel taking George McKenzie, the girl who wouldn’t die from Amsterdam to London via several other locations to get…

  • Location: London

The Illusionists

1885: Take a magical mystery tour around Victorian London and to the characters who perform each night at the Palmyra theatre. Everything and everyone has…

  • Location: Houston


1996: Pleasantville – an African-American neighbourhood in Houston which has swung almost every mayoral election race since 1949. And a place of murder….. Jay Porter,…

  • Location: Scottish Highlands, Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness

At the Water’s Edge

WW2 : a drama from the writer of Water for Elephants?  Set in the Scottish highlands, with the village of Drumnadrochit and the story of Nessie…

Featured Book

A Poisoner’s Tale

1651: Inspired by the true story of Giulia Tofana: The Angel of Death with a Vial of Vengeance

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