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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: London

The Apothecary’s Daughter

1665: Fire, plague and an evocative journey back in to London at the time of utter turmoil

  • Location: Australia, New South Wales, Devon, Oxford

Oscar and Lucinda

1800s: A journey of discovery and of two misfits going on a long journey to Australia and a journey around the country.

  • Location: Bath, Bristol

Hanging Hill

2000s: Think Bath is nice cosy Jane Austen country? Well it might be, but not in the hands of Mo Hayder …

  • Location: Québec, Three Pines (fictional)

The Cruellest Month (Inspector Gamache 3)

2000s: Three Pines is the most charming if not most deadly villages in Quebec….

  • Location: London, Paris, French Riviera

The Mystery of the Blue Train (Poirot)

1920s: Not the infamous Orient Express maybe, but when a woman is found murdered on the train, Poirot comes on board.

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Clara and Olivia

1933: “Surely you would like to be immortalised in art, fixed forever in perfection?”

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