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Book Trails

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  • Location: Mallorca,Pollenca, Port de Sóller,Lluc

The Orange House

2024: Henry and Violet fall in love in Mallorca

  • Location: New York City, The Hamptons

The Beach Holiday

2023: A somebody. A nobody. A love story waiting to be written . . .

  • Location: Corfu

The Summer Trip

2000s: What if your life worked out perfectly . . . for someone else?

  • Location: Croatia, Hvar

The Getaway

2000s: Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the person you need . . .

  • Location: Lisbon, Hamburg, Barcelona

Hello, Again

2000s: You can find love in the strangest of places!

Featured Book

Whoever You Are, Honey

2024: On the Santa Cruz waterfront, every house is as perfect as the people inside, right?

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