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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Amsterdam, Driebergen, Olso, Larvik

Night Market

2000s: The Night Market is a brutal and horrifying place.

  • Location: South Carolina

Simon Sixsmith: A Ghost Story

2000s: Dare you enter the South Carolina low country…?

  • Location: Luxembourg

The Candidate: a Luxembourg thriller

21st C – A short visit to Luxembourg of only 140 pages but it’s amazing what you can pack into a small literary suitcase!

  • Location: Netherlands, Oslo, Brussels

Ransom – The Harbour Master 3

2000s: The third novella in the Habour Master series sees ageing yet maverick cop Henk Van der Pol embroiled in a new and dangerous case…

  • Location: Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp

The Maze – The Harbour Master 2

2000s: Seasoned Amsterdam cop Henk Van der Pol is back on a new case which takes him out of his beloved city for a while…

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The Library

2000s: A lovely story about a lovely library

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