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  • Location: Harrogate

A Medal for Murder (Kate Shackleton 2)

A Medal for Murder (Kate Shackleton 2)

Why a Booktrail?

1920s: A good old fashioned murder mystery set in Harrogate, Yorkshire

  • ISBN: 978-0749941925
  • Genre: Historical, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Most women love to go to Harrogate now for the famous Betty’s tea rooms. But Kate Shackleton  has something else on her mind – there’s been a robbery at a pawn shop and then there is a murder. Only  one thing for it – Harrogate is under investigation.

The theatre in the town centre is a well known landmark and features on the cover of the novel. But when Kate finds a body in the doorway, you know this is going to be no ordinary trip.

Someone is trying very hard to remain in the shadow’s of Harrogate’s streets.

Travel Guide

Harrogate is a quaint little Yorkshire town not far from York and is renowned for its spa like treatments, beautiful gardens and tea rooms. And this is the lovely setting for a good old fashioned murder mystery. An old fashioned female sleuth comes to find out the links between a pawn shop robbery in Leeds, a dead body in the doorway of the theatre in Harrogate and a ransom demand.

The theatre

The theatre which features on the cover of the book is where the play is being held which Kate goes to see and where she finds the body in the doorway.
An iconic symbol of the town and lots of history so perfect for an old fashioned mystery – harrogatetheatre.co.uk

St Clements Road and the Stray

A smart treelined avenue of sorts where Kate goes to stay and she’s got a good base from which to explore the town. Just next to the famous Stray – an immense expanse of parkland which seems to surround Harrogate with flowers and trees.

The expanse of green, the scent of grass and the tiny daisies, stirred happy memories, Mother and I came to Harrogate before she had the twins, my brothers. By the time I reached St Clement’s Road, my feet felt twice the size.

Valley Gardens

Shall we meet underneath the oak tree in Valley Park? Kate meets Meriel here and catches up with her in the tea room beside the bandstand. This is the park that is caught up in time and its old fashioned ice cream and tea room is still there beside a ornate fountain. Meriel says.

“You could have any number of these delicious ices. I tried the pistachio one last week and they have the most amazing selection of cakes and eclairs.”

Following tea and cake in the park, you could always dip your toes in the famous Turkish baths or get your shoes cobbled in Cambridge Street (where the fictional Crispin’s boot company is)

Harrogate may be small but it has some intriguing and beautiful places!

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