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  • Location: Sweden

Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack

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2022: When there’s a pack on the hunt, nobody’s safe

  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Rose Farm is home to a group of survivalists, completely cut off from the outside world. Until now.

A young woman goes missing within the perimeter of the farm compound. Can Tuva talk her way inside the tight-knit group to find her story?

As Tuva attempts to unmask the culprit, she gains unique access to the residents. But soon she finds herself in danger of the pack turning against her – will she make her way back to safety so she can expose the truth?

Travel Guide

The setting of Gavrik and Visberg (fictional)

The towns of Visberg and Gavrik are ficitional but very real in the hands of Will Dean. In this novel we are introduced to an even more remote place – Rose Farm – where Survivalists or preppers live and hide away from the world. These people fear the end of the world and the state of the world in which we live now. They are naturally paranoid, suspicious and so live a very  insular lifestyle.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Wolf Pack

Destination: Sweden, fictional Gavrik, Visberg  Author/guide: Will Dean Departure Time: 2022

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