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  • Location: 'Visberg' Sweden

Bad Apples

Bad Apples

Why a Booktrail?

2000s:  Visberg is not your quaint Swedish village….

  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

It only takes one…

A murder

A resident of small-town Visberg is found decapitated

A festival

A cultish hilltop community ‘celebrates’ Pan Night after the apple harvest

A race against time

As Visberg closes ranks to keep its deadly secrets, there could not be a worse time for Tuva Moodyson to arrive as deputy editor of the local newspaper. Powerful forces are at play and no one dares speak out. But Tuva senses the story of her career, unaware that perhaps she is the story…

Travel Guide

Visberg – a fictional Swedish village

All of Will Dean’s Swedish locations are fictional but that’s just as well judging by what happens in them. The latest is perhaps the most unsettling of them all – Visberg. The first chapter when Tuva is stumbling around in the dark in Visberg forest showcases its deep, dark and damp forest. It’s a forty minute drive back to Gavrik, the other fictional setting in Dark Pines and other novels. They are located somewhere in Varmland.

Visberg Hill is a large mound of damp dark and dangerous forest on a very dangerous road, a death trap, it’s called. The hill is so high and the road so winding that it’s hard to see the town from it unless you glimpse it out of the corner of your eye. ” You sense its presence before you get a good look at it.”

Don’t forget to hold your nose as the smell of rotting apples is heavy in the air……….

Pan Night

The ‘hill people’ or those who live in Visberg call Halloween this name. Their version of Halloween involves leaving a pan outside their door, and the wealthy of the village will walk around at night and drop money in it. It has evolved since then too…..practical jokes started to overtake the kindness.

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Booktrailer Review

Will Dean has one dark and twisted mind. Haha Jeepers, that forest, the decapitation and the stench of rotting apples…..There’s even a scene at the dentist..I know right? Oh and the balloons…I’ve never liked the regular ones but these……

The novel starts with a grim scene. Tuva is back on top form and stumbles on a case which she then becomes even more involved with. Trouble is – Visberg is one strange place. On hill, with people who seem very different to those of Gavrik or the rest of Sweden.

Set at Halloween or Pan Night as it’s called here, there are some scary traditions to be experienced. I was nervous for Tuva as the build up to the night becomes ever stranger. The locals who work in the gun shop, the watch shop and the place they call The Hive…jeepers would not want to meet any of these on a dark night. Sadly, Tuva has to…..I had a keen sense of foreboding as I read.

What a reading experience! Tuva has gone to the dark side in a way. Those trolls are back. The town goes wild…it’s as if something is taking it over. Just don’t look in the pans….

My stomach did recover at some point as the mention of a crayfish pizza caught my attention. However, I will stay clear of apples for now.

Moral of this story – Never approach Will Dean close to Halloween. Haha it rhymes. Almost sounds like a slogan. It’s definitely good advice after reading Bad Apples.

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Destination/location: ‘Visberg’ Sweden  Author/guide: Will Dean  Departure Time: 2000s

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