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  • Location: Sandhamn

Tonight You’re Dead

Tonight You’re Dead

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: The fourth in the Sandhamn series

  • ISBN: 978-1542048538
  • Translator: Marlaine Delargy
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

Soon to be divorced, attorney Nora Linde is finding her way as a single mother, and even falling in love again, when she’s asked by her childhood friend Detective Thomas Andreasson to help in a disturbing investigation. Marcus Nielsen, a university student, has apparently committed suicide, but it’s what he’s left behind that’s so suspicious and damning: his research into the Coastal Rangers, an elite military group where, in 1976, a young cadet died under questionable circumstances, a sadistic sergeant went free, and a case went cold.

When two of Nielsen’s contacts are also found dead—and diaries of their tortuous training turn up missing—Thomas and Nora are certain that whatever happened three decades ago is unforgivable. And for someone who wants to keep those secrets buried—unforgettable. Now they must fight against time to expose a cover-up that hasn’t yet claimed its last victim.

Travel Guide

Sandhamn and the Viveca Sten Trail

Sandhamn is a small and usually peaceful holiday island in the Stockholm archipelago, not far from the city of Stockholm itself. But the island is a world in itself, a remote island in the sense that not many people live here and those there in July all seem to be on their Midsummer Holiday. In the summer, tourists flock to the place with the “beautiful beaches and delightful regattas” Guiltless saw the island convered in frost and not much of a festive feel. There was ice and chills. This time the weather might be better but there’s still evil and darkness around the corner.

This is usually a place to rest and relax, to eat the fresh fish straight from the still waters, to take a boat ride, to escape the noise of the city.


When a Coastal Ranger, is found dead, the investigation leads to the island of Korso, where the training for the elite Coastal Rangers took place in 1977.

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Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Tonight You’re Dead

Author/Guide: Viveca Sten  Destination: Sandhamn  Departure Time: 2000s

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