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  • Location: Sandhamn, Stockholm archipelago

In the Name of Truth (Sandhamn 8)

In the Name of Truth (Sandhamn 8)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: The eighth outing for Sandhamn detectives

  • ISBN: B07V3JFJQ9
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

With the summer season on Sandhamn comes an unsettling mystery for Detective Thomas Andreasson. A bullied young boy has vanished from a sailing camp on neighboring Lökholmen Island. Has the terrorized eleven-year-old run away? Or, in this isolated vacation spot where strangers lurk, is it something more ominous?

The disappearance has also captured the interest of Thomas’s longtime friend, attorney Nora Linde. The missing child happens to be the son of her latest client, Christian Dufva. He is a key witness against his partner in a high-profile embezzlement trial, and Dufva’s testimony could be devastating. It’ll also be Nora’s biggest win—the next step toward a position as chief prosecutor. But with every anonymous threat against Dufva, the stakes get higher.

When new evidence surfaces in their respective cases, new questions and fears arise for Thomas and Nora. Time is running out to resolve them. So is hope of finding the boy alive. Because on Sandhamn Island, the truth is buried as deep as the secrets.

Travel Guide

Sandhamn and the Viveca Sten Trail

Sandhamn is a small and usually peaceful holiday island in the Stockholm archipelago, not far from the city of Stockholm itself. But the island is a world in itself, a remote island in the sense that not many people live here and it’s a small community where secrets are buried deep.

This is usually a place to rest and relax, to eat the fresh fish straight from the still waters, to take a boat ride, to escape the noise of the city.

Sandhamn is a clam and peaceful place but there’s murder further afield in this novel when Lökholmen Island is found to be the scene of a crime. There are several islands in and around Sandhamn and Viveca visits many of them in the course of her novels. Taking a ferry to any of them will also give great views of Sandhamn and the archipelago as a whole!

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Booktrail Boarding Pass: In the Name of Truth (Sandhamn 8)

Destination/Location: Sandham, Lökholmen Island, Stockholm archeipelago  Author/Guide: Viveca Sten   Departure Time: 2000s

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