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  • Location: Sandhamn

Still Waters

Still Waters

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Still Waters run deep, still waters hold secrets, still waters run free..

  • ISBN: 978-1503945708
  • Translator: Marlaine Delargy
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A summer’s day in Stockholm’s Archipelago. On the island of Sandhamn, everyone is enjoying the holiday season, the sun is waking up and in this early hour, there is only silence in the air.

But a man walking his dog stumbles over a body, trapped in a a fishing net on the beach. From that moment on, the atmosphere on Sandhamn changes dramatically and the police are quick to arrive. The dead man is found to be Krister Berggren a bachelor from the mainland who has been missing for months.

An accident perhaps? When his cousin is also found murdered, several days after being interviewed as part of the case.

Police detective Thomas Andreasson turns to his childhood friend, local lawyer Nora Linde. Together, they attempt to unravel the case as well as their own joint pasts on the island.

Travel Guide

Sandhamn and the Viveca Sten Trail

Still waters do indeed run deep. Sandhamn is a small and usually peaceful holiday island in the Stockholm archipelago, not far from the city of Stockholm itself. But the island is a world in itself, a remote island in the sense that not many people live here and those there in July, when the novel takes place all seem to be on their Midsummer Holiday.

The island’s community is shattered when these bodies show up on the beaches.

This is usually a place to rest and relax, to eat the fresh fish straight from the still waters, to take a boat ride, to escape the noise of the city.

Sandhamn is a clam and peaceful place so for a lone killer to be out stalking the islanders is a chilling thought. A man who has been missing for some months on the mainland turns up dead. And that’s only the start.

And the island has many memories for Thomas himself who used to live here, who grew up here and who thought he knew the island and its people.

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Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Still Waters

Author/Guide: Viveca Sten  Destination: Sandhamn  Departure Time: 2000s

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