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  • Location: London, Berkshire, Broadmoor

The Winter Foundlings

The Winter Foundlings

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2000s: Alice may have  left London, but London is not finished with her.Not at all.

  • ISBN: 978-1444738841
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Psychologist Alice Quentin has been looking forward to a break from her hectic London life. She promises herself that she’s really going to have a break.  A visit to a high-security hospital might not sound like a holiday from her work, but from the police side of things it is.This stay is going to be a rare opportunity to study treatment methods at Northwood which is outside of London, and far away from the world which scarred her.

However London has not left her – for a young girl is discovered dead, dressed all in white, on the steps of the Foundling Museum. She turns out to be the third one found dead and there is  a forth missing…

Alice may not only have to return to London but delve into the mind of a notorious child killer currently locked up in Northwood in order to see just who might be carrying on his gruesome deeds.

Travel Guide

The Foundling Museum

“The museum was hidden on a narrow turning off Hunter Street. The ctime scene had already been cleared away, and I sood on the firecorut , trying to picture the killer depositing a child’s body there, in the middle of the night

The Regency building was long and austere, with dozens of sash windows, dark grey bricks and a colonnaded front door. It has a direct view across Coram Fields, which local kids used as a football pitch in the summer.

When I walked inside, the interior was even grander than the facade with panelled wals and chequered floor tiles. A sign explained that the Foundling Hospital had become London’s first home for abandoned infants in the 1740s”

Streetview Maps

A) London - The Foundling hospital
B) Berkshire - Broadmoor

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  The Winter Foundlings (Alice Quentin 3)

Author/ Guide: Kate Rhodes Destination: London, Broadmoor  Departure Time:  2000s

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