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  • Location: Fjällbacka

The Stranger (Fjällbacka 4)

The Stranger (Fjällbacka 4)

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2000s: Previously titled The Gallows Bird, this is a great story about the repercussions of what effect actions of one moment can have on the rest of someone’s life…and that of others

  • ISBN: 978-0007253999
  • Translator: Steven T Murray
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

A woman has a terrible argument with her partner, storms out but is then found dead in her car reeking of alcohol. What seems like a tragic but obvious car accident soon turns out to be something else when it is revealed that the victim was practically tea total. Her family don’t believe she had an accident although her ex husband seems to still be bitter over her leaving him.

Police investigations show that there have been other similar seemingly accidental death over the years. This latest investigation starts badly however when an reality TV shows pulls into town and the stars and locals do not mix well. Another distraction for the police too – especially when another body is found..

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Fjallbacka, the small Swedish fishing village on the west coast, which has been put well on the literary map thanks to Camilla takes on a whole new meaning in this novel as modernity in the guise of reality TV comes to town and illustrates the remoteness and quiet yet threatening nature of some of its inhabitants.

This device is used throughout the novel to illustrate the outside coming in to this closed network of people and landscape and further enhances the story lines which carry on from the previous three novels. Domestic bliss in the form of Erica and Patrick and not so much domestic bliss with her sister Anna. But it’s the TV show that shocks and worries most and excites some –

“Oh it’s going to be so much fun seeing you on TV, and our little town of course. I never would have imagined that wed be nationwide celebrities here in Tanumshede.”

The culture shock that the investigation and the murders together with the home lives of the main characters really go well despite at totally opposite ends of the scale.  The TV show angle might make you groan in disappointed anticipation but a smile and  an expression of pleasant surprise soon replaced it as the novel unfolded. The TV show – Sodding Tanum was filmed in the area which a world heritage site so no wonder the locals were upset! a Visitsweden.com/tanum_world_heritage

Take a tour of Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka with Visit Sweden on location!

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