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The Preacher (Fjällbacka 2)

The Preacher (Fjällbacka 2)

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2000s: Camilla’s books are set in Fjällbacka, the coastal village where Camilla was born and raised. Its name derives from the imposing rocky outcrop that the village encircles.

  • ISBN: 978-0007416196
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

It’s summer in Fjällbacka and Detective Patrik Hedstrom is enjoying some quiet time at home with his pregnant girlfriend Erica Falck. However one morning the peace is shattered when a young woman is found dead. Under her body, there are more bones and before long an unsolved case of two missing campers of 25 years previous is reopened.

Back at that time,  a local family the Hults, were questioned and suspected of being involved about the case which led to the family being split up and feuding under pressure. The grandfather of the family – known as the preacher was a suspect in the case but now he is dead. So who is responsible for this latest murder?

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The dark, cold setting that is typically Swedish. A small remote village on the West coast of Sweden – known as Fjällbacka is somewhere that may not have been on your own knowledge map of Sweden – but Camilla has certainly put this on the literary map now!

Fjallbacka has become very popular now that Camilla is famous as tourists and keen readers flock to its shores. Not as peaceful as it once was perhaps but a beautiful small town feel that is remote, quiet and calm – but like the water which is nearby, there are currents underneath the smooth surface.

To start your journey for real then we advise this fine website – visitsweden.com/Camilla-Lackbergs-Fjallbacka/ Camilla shows off the place she was born and which inspired her crime novels.

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Susan @thebooktrailer

Fjällbacka comes back to life but this time it’s the heat of the Swedish summer which seems to ad to the tension and the short tempers of the people involved in the murder hunt. Patrick and Erica may be enjoying contented bliss but this happiness seems to mirror the darkness of what is going on outside their circle. The village seems to take on a whole different setting and atmosphere to the first book which makes it all the more chilling.

The Holt Family comes under close scrutiny and dark secrets are revealed about the main figure of the family – the preacher along with  his two sons one of whom committed suicide. The family secrets are revealed slowly but surely and this was good to find out just what the dynamics and real relationships of that family really were.

This is quite the crime family –  a family divided by suicide , murder suspects, wealth and infighting. Add misfits and religious and criminal minds and you’ve got quite the cast list. Fascinating if not a big chilling.

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