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  • Location: Copenhagen, Hvalsø

The Killing Forest (DI Louise Rick 8)

The Killing Forest (DI Louise Rick 8)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Louise Rick is back from her extended leave

  • ISBN: 978-1455598458
  • Translator: Mark Kline
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural, Thriller, Translated Fictioin

What you need to know before your trail

Following an extended leave, Louise Rick returns to work at the Special Search Agency, an elite unit of the National Police Department. She’s assigned a case involving a fifteen-year-old who vanished a week earlier. When Louise realizes that the missing teenager is the son of a butcher from Hvalsoe, she seizes the opportunity to combine the search for the teen with her personal investigation of her boyfriend’s long-ago death . . .

Louise’s investigation takes her on a journey back through time. She reconnects with figures from her past, including Kim, the principal investigator at the Holbaek Police Department, her former in-laws, fanatic ancient religion believers, and her longtime close friend, journalist Camilla Lind. As she moves through the small town’s cramped network of deadly connections, Louise unearths toxic truths left unspoken and dangerous secrets.

Travel Guide

Travel to Copenhagen BookTrail style

Copenhagen is the main setting for Sara Blaedel’s books and the city features strongly in all of them. This one however moves over to a small town where Louise has history and a past. Where a case now takes her back to face that past.


A town and a former municipality in eastern Denmark. This is where the coming of age ceremony takes place and it’s particularly painful for Louise as this is where she herself grew up. This is the place where her fiance committed suicide days after their engagement. Is any of her past related to this case now?

The mystery  takes a look at the Asatro religion, a revival of worship of the pre-Christian gods of the region. Beliefs from the past, Nordic Folklore and more come into play.

The setting is dark and has a strong sense of foreboding. The town and forest are menacing and full of secrets.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Killing Forest (Louise Rick 8)

Destination: Copenhagen Author/guide:  Sara Blaedel Departure Time: 2000s

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