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  • Location: Fowey,Polruan, Bodmin

The Captain’s Girl (Cornish Saga 2)

The Captain’s Girl (Cornish Saga 2)

Why a Booktrail?

1793: The French Revolution is threatening the stability of England….

  • ISBN: 978-1782398851
  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Sagas

What you need to know before your trail

As the French Revolution threatens the stability of England, so too is discontent brewing in the heart of Celia Cavendish. Promised to the brutal Viscount Vallenforth, she must find a way to break free from the bounds of a life stifled by convention and cruelty. Inspired by her cousin Arbella, who just a few months earlier followed her heart and eloped with the man she loved, she vows to escape her impending marriage and take her destiny back into her own hands. She enlists her neighbours, Sir James and Lady Polcarrow, who have themselves made a dangerous enemy of Celia’s father, in the hope of making a new life for herself. But can the Polcarrows’ mysterious friend Arnaud, captain of the cutter L’Aigrette, protect Celia from a man who will let nothing stand in the way of his greed? And will Arnaud himself prove to be friend… or foe?

Travel Guide

Cornwall with Nicola Pryce

The Captain’s Girl takes place in Fowey and Bodmin in Cornwall.

Pendenning Hall , Polruan/Fowey

Celia Cavendish and her family live in Pendenning Hall on the Polruan side of the River Fowey but I have based the description of the house on Pencarrow – a beautiful house five miles north-west of Bodmin. Both the exterior and interiors are based on this fabulous house. (Pic 1)

Celia and Charity meet Madame Merrick and Mrs Pengelly in the graveyard of Porthruan Church (The beautiful church of Lanteglos-by-Fowey). Captain Arnaud Lefèvre arrives unexpectedly and turns to leave, but the wind is blowing in his direction and Celia quickly unties her bonnet.

Courthouse, Bodmin

When Celia arrives in Bodmin, Matthew Reith directs her to stay in Mrs Hambley’s guest house in Lower Bore Street while she awaits the trial. Here she meets Hannah Hambley who takes her under her wing. They bend pins and wish in the wishing well. NB The courthouse in Bodmin was built after my story. The trial takes place in the old Medieval Friary House.

Fowey Castle

Major Trewlaney is a determined man. Vounteers have been mustered  and the battlements overlooking the river rebuilt. To keep the harbours safe, canons line the battery of Fowey Castle. This is what’s left of the castle – St Catherine’s Point looking across to Pulruan. You can see the Block House on the rocks near the shore.

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Destination : Fowey, Bodmin  Author/Guide: Nicola Pryce  Departure Time: 1793

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