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  • Location: Fowey, Charlestown

The Cornish Dressmaker (Cornish Saga 3)

The Cornish Dressmaker (Cornish Saga 3)

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1796: Seamstress Elowyn Liddicot rescues a man from the sea…and life changes for ever..

  • ISBN: 978-1786493835
  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Sagas

What you need to know before your trail

Seamstress Elowyn Liddicot’s family believe they’ve secured the perfect future for her, in the arms of Nathan Cardew. But then one evening, Elowyn helps to rescue a dying man from the sea, and everything changes. William Cotterell, wild and self-assured, refuses to leave her thoughts or her side – but surely she can’t love someone so unlike herself?

With Elowyn’s dressmaking business suddenly under threat, her family’s pressure to marry Nathan increasing, and her heart decidedly at odds with her head, Elowyn doesn’t know who to trust any more. And when William uncovers a sinister conspiracy that affects her whole world, can Elowyn find the courage to support the people she loves in the face of all opposition?

Travel Guide

Nicola Pryce’s Cornwall

Elowyn Liddicot spent her childhood as a fisherman’s daughter in Mevagissy but now lives in Coombe House in Fowey (the large red brick house where North Street meets Passage Street) and works above Pengelly’s Boatyard in Fowey. She finishes her sewing and takes the cliff path from Fowey to Porthcarrow (Charlestown) where her mother lives. I make the distance less in my book.


The town is being built round the new sea lock which enables ships to use every tide. The china clay is beginning to show a profit and investors are coming forward. Agents from the potteries in the north are seeking the whitest clay. (Charlestown Shipwreck Museum tells the story of how the clay was shipped.)

Nathan Cardew is Master of Works and Sir James Polcarrow’s right hand man. He has a fine future ahead of him and is offering Elowyn so much – a loving husband and a new home in one of the pier houses that looks down on the lock. Mrs Perys, the harbour master’s wife, invites them to dine in Harbour House ( the large pink house on the end of Quay Rd ).

The Clay pits

The clay needs to settle in settling pits before being separated and dried. William sends Billy up to the see the leats while he talks to Elowyn. (You can see the settling pits and the implements they used to dig the clay in the fabulous Wheal Martyn Museum near St Austell)

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Booktrail Boarding Pass:  The Cornish Dressmaker (Cornish Saga 3)

Destination : Fowey, Charlestow  Author/Guide: Nicola Pryce  Departure Time: 1796

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