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  • Location: London, Russell, Pahia, Bay of Islands

Survivor (Belle 3)

Survivor (Belle 3)

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1938, WW2:  Russell, New Zealand:  Mariette, daughter of Belle and Etienne is strong-willed, a little bit defiant and bored.

  • ISBN: 978-0718159054
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

The third and final installment in the Belle Trilogy sees Belle and Etienne’s daughter Mariette bored and restless and wanting to expand her horizons and see the world.

If she stays in New Zealand, she’s only going to get herself in more trouble than Belle ever could. And so starts the long journey to England and London where Belle and Etienne think and hope she will be safe.

She’s going to stay with her parent’s friends Noah and Lisette and enjoy the sights of the big city, a far cry from tiny Russell. She soon starts to enjoy her new life, but there is an unwelcome visitor to the city – war – and the landscape and everything she’s ever know will ever be the same again.

Will she ever see her parents again?

Travel Guide

Russell, New Zealand

The quiet backwaters of Russell on the Bay of Islands is where Mariette starts her life. Where Belle and Etienne have moved to and settled. This is the quiet backwater which will see Mariette starting her new adventure, and fuel her thirst for more.


Belle’s first home – the Seven Dials of London is where the city first started – where the streets where the heart of London could be found. All walks of life in this small space, crowded noisy and full of vice. Belle knows this as home – and is where she discovers the real reality of her world in the city’s underbelly .This is therefore the place Mariette wants to come and see for herself. The city as her mother saw it and especially the Seven Dials area. But it’s the bright lights of Soho which appeal to her the most. That’s before the war comes

Northern France

The background of the novel are the events of Northern France and the raging war in Paris and on the continent. The horrors of Nazi occupied Northern France, the bombing and the blitz in London are harrowing as they are testing.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Survivor (Belle 3)

Author/ Guide: Lesley Pearse   Destination: New Zealand   Departure Time : 1931

Twitter: @lesleypearse  Web: lesleypearse.com

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