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Trust Me

Trust Me

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1950s, 1960s: Lesley Pearce transports you on a journey, based on a real life tragedy with a women who sent off to a supposedly better life in Australia

  • ISBN: 978-0141046044
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

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When their father tragically kills their mother, Dulcie and her sister are sent to an orphanage. Told that a ‘better life’ awaits them in another country, they are shipped off to Australia.

But the promises made to the sisters turn out to be lies.

And it seems to Dulcie that everyone who ever said ‘trust me’ somehow betrayed that trust. So when she meets Ross, another orphanage survivor, she wants to believe that he finally is one of the good ones and that the two of them can be friends. But trust is hard to come by for Dulcie and she has her sister to think of

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The subject of Child Migration and the reasons why and how children came to be separated from their parents is a heartbreaking one and to experience it via fiction is only half of the real story we assume.  Stories of those who were sent to towns or orphanages for boys or girls were apparently played down in the novel to not ‘overdo’ the horror so it is worth a minute to sit and think of just how horrific these places were and the abuse that went on there.

The scandal that these migration schemes provoke now are well known in some countries but not something on every country’s history books. We had heard of them but had no knowledge of what really went on and so this was a real discovery – a shocking and sad discovery.
To read this book is to learn of the history of such orphanages as that of Bindoon which is perhaps the most well known. When you realise that this was real and that such events really went on, it is more heartbreaking than ever. but an important book to read to discover such a shameful part of history.

Bindoon article in the Independant – independent.co.uk/bindoon-boys-town-the-sad-truth


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