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  • Location: Cornwall (fictional St Trenyan)

Summer at the Cornish Cafe

Summer at the Cornish Cafe

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2000s: How do you fancy spending a lazy holiday in Cornwall and pop into the Cornish cafe?

  • ISBN: B01C2G2SWW
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Demi works in a cafe inCornwall and she’s more than busy. For her, the summer looks set to be one stack of coffee cups and plates to first serve and then wash. That is going to be the extent of the summer season for her!

But then Cal Penwith wanders into her life. Together they renovate his holiday resort, Kilhallon Park. Now this is starting to look promising and could just make the summer a little more exciting! The holiday park is set above an idyllic Cornish cove, and used to be the place to go to! Sadly now, it’s gone to rack and ruin so they will both have their work cut out in trying to turn things around.

It’s not just the work that’s creating the heat here for sparks start to fly between Cal and Demi. But by the end of the summer there will be changes in both their lives that  could turn the situation on its head

The Cornish charm lives on in the most unexpected places.

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St Trenyan or St Ives?

The stunning background of the Cornish coast is the setting for a lovely story about new beginnings and new opportunities. Since St Trenyan is apparently in West Cornwall, we think that it could be St Ives as there is a harbour and bobbing boats in  a cove here too!The novel starts off like a holiday with the song Happy being introduced by the presenter on Radio St Trenyan. Get that song in your head as you read and feel the heat of that summer feeling…

There’s some lovely places here such as Sheila’s Beach Hut,  and Hayleigh’s Pasty shack. St Trenyan is already postcard blue and it’s a village where the masts of the boats bob up and down in the harbour.

Kinhallon holiday park (fictional)

The holiday park is undergoing a fresh coat of paint so this really is a setting to enjoy that holiday feeling. Just imagine the nostalgia that visiting a caravan park would bring and the excitement of getting one back up to scratch

Why not visit this one?

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A) St Trenyan Harbour?
B) Imagine the book cafe!

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Destination: Cornwall, (fictional St Trenyan)   Departure Time: 2000s     Author: Philipa Astley

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