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Six Tudor Queens: Anna of Kleve

Six Tudor Queens: Anna of Kleve

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1530 onwards: The German Princess who became the fourth wife of Henry VIII

  • ISBN: 978-1472227720
  • Genre: Historical, Inspired by true events

What you need to know before your trail

The King is in love with Anna’s portrait, but she has none of the accomplishments he seeks in a new bride.

She prays she will please Henry, for the balance of power in Europe rests on this marriage alliance.

But Anna’s past is never far from her thoughts, and the rumours rife at court could be her downfall. Everyone knows the King won’t stand for a problem queen.

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Travel the BookTrail way to Kleve

An interesting story which starts in Schwanenburg Castle in Kleve.

Anne of Cleves (22 September 1515 – 16 July 1557) was Queen of England from 6 January to 9 July 1540 .

She was the fourth wife of King Henry VIII but the marriage was declared unconsummated and, as a result, she was not crowned queen consort. He had apparently sent for her on the strength of her portrait as he was looking fora new wife. Anne was recommended to him. When she arrived, their first meeting was a disaster as she apparently didn’t know who he was. Henry remained favourable to her however and gave her a generous settlement. She might never have been his true wife, but she was always known as the King’s Beloved Sister.She stayed involved in royal life and attended court and many events thereafter.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Six Tudor Queens: Anna of Kleve

Destination: Kleve, London, England Author/guide: Alison Weir  Departure Time: 1530s onwards

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