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  • Location: The Shetland Islands

Ann Cleeves Shetland

Ann Cleeves Shetland

Why a Booktrail?

View the real Shetland as Ann Cleeves herself guides you around the places she writes about in her Shetland novels

  • ISBN: 978-1509809790
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Shetland is the place Ann Cleeves knows and loves. She has written many novels about the various places in and around these islands featuring Di Jimmy Perez. This is the scene of the crime, the places where her characters walk and the town where Perez grew up. The series of books are now so popular that there is a television series based on them but it’s the books in particular that capture the essence of the Shetlands and evoke one of the most magical settings in crime fiction. Ann Cleeves loves, lives and breathes the Shetland and it shows.

Travel Guide

The Shetlands is a unique and remarkable place – an archipelago of more than a hundred islands, and wherever you stand you can see the sea. Imagine that – the sea wherever you look, the end of the land, the end of the world. There are fifteen hundred miles of coastal shore but this is varied in itself with beaches, rugged cliffs as well as endless fields full of flora and fauna not found elsewhere in the UK.

It might be remote but the communities are full of life and traditions that go back hundreds of years. It has a rich and interesting history – festivals a plenty and cultural beliefs that are fascinating as they are significant  – such as the Viking Fire Festival of Helly Aa  and the tradition of summer dim. This is a place of mystery, folklore and the birthplace of one of the most intriguing characters in crime fiction – Perez himself.

In September 2014, Ann celebrated the publication of Thin Air in the best booktrail tradition with a unique series of events organised by Shetland Arts, Orkney Library and Shetland Library entitled ‘ 24 Islands/24 Hours’, a 24 hour race against the clock. The last event was at the most northerly library, in Baltasound, Unst where the book is set.

Streetview Maps

Getting the ferry to the islands
The harbour at Lerwick

Booktrailer Review

Susan @thebooktrailer

This is just the perfect book for fans of Ann Cleeves and booktrailers everywhere. This is one of the most unique guides to the Shetlands we have ever read and to have Ann Cleeves quite clearly talking and showing pictures of one of her favourite places on earth is a real treat. It’s like sitting beside her and having her guide you though her personal family photo album of the places which have so inspired her to write about in her novels.

Love the idea of this book and love the way Ann writes so lyrically about a place close to her heart. The photos are stunning and you can just loose yourself in it. Which I did and still do every time I open the book and lose myself in it. A perfect treat for any booktrailer!

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