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  • Location: New South Wales (Australia)

Opal Country

Opal Country

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2000s: In Finnigans Gap, nothing stays buried for ever.

  • ISBN: B099JH4BD3
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail


In the desolate outback town of Finnigans Gap, police struggle to maintain law and order. Thieves pillage opal mines, religious fanatics recruit vulnerable youngsters and billionaires do as they please.


Then an opal miner is found crucified and left to rot down his mine. Nothing about the miner’s death is straight-forward, not even who found the body. Homicide detective Ivan Lucic is sent to investigate, assisted by inexperienced young investigator Nell Buchanan.

But Finnigans Gap has already ended one police career and damaged others, and soon both officers face damning allegations and internal investigations. Have Ivan and Nell been set up, and if so, by whom?


As time runs out, their only chance at redemption is to find the killer. But the more they uncover, the more harrowing the mystery becomes, and a past long forgotten is thrown into scorching sunlight.

Because in Finnigans Gap, nothing stays buried for ever.

Travel Guide

Finnegans Gap, New South Wales, Australia

Finnigans Gap is not a real place but the author mentions that is based on the real town of Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. The people of this fictional town and what goes on there in the novel has nothing to do with the real place of course!

Lightning Ridge

A unique and historic opal mining town in the middle of nowhere. Lightning Ridge is famed for its rare black opal and mining history.

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