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How I Lost You

How I Lost You

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2010/2013 – A woman with no memory of the event, is accused of killing her child, receives a letter telling her that what she was told might not actually be what really happened.

  • ISBN: 978-1472218964
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological

What you need to know before your trail

Susan Webster was accused of killing her twelve week old son Dylan and although she has no memory of the event, is sent to Oakdale Psychiatric Institute for her crime. When she is released early, she is given a new identity and help with rebuilding her shattered life. She is now Emma Cartwright.

But then she receives a letter written to Susan and inside she finds a photo of a toddler, named Dylan. Who has sent the letter and why? Is this some kind of sick joke or did she really kill her son and if not, what did happen. Any mother would want to try and look for their son especially if they had no recollection of his death.

Travel Guide

Set in and around the small town of Ludlow in Shropshire, perhaps not the best place to move to if you want to lose yourself in an anonymous city. Moving there with Cassie, a murderer Susan met whilst in the institution is maybe not the best idea for a friend or neighbour.

Ludlow in this novel is a creepy place where your neighbours appear to know everyone and everything about you. What will they make of a woman accused of having killed her son during a stage of post-natal depression? A photo of her supposedly dead son, a burglary and a cat killed on her bed are just a few of the events which occur here.

Susan and Cassie are desperate to find out the truth of what happened and to find out who is trying to make her go mad. A journalist comes to her aid and attempts to help her find out what exactly is happening.

From the present day, the action moves to the past and the events surrounding a gang of boys who are up to no good.

The real journey however in this novel is the long and torturous one where the reality of post natal depression is clear.

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