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  • Location: London, Cotswolds

Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: From London to the fictional village of Briarwood but firmly settled in the Cotswolds with a 8 month old baby to look after.

  • ISBN: 978-0755355891
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Dexter Yates is  a man who loves life and who loves living. His care free existence in London is all he cares about as well as his good looks, money and adorning girlfriends. But then his sister dies and leaves him in charge of her 8 month old daughter Delphi, so Dexter moves to Briarwood in the Cotswolds to look after her and he knows his life is going to change for ever.

What he doesn’t know however is just how much his life is going to change – for it’s here in Briarwood that he’s about to meet Molly Hayes, his new neighbour. Dex is as surprised as anyone with this new change to his life and he is particularly intrigued by Molly. But is Briarwood read to meet Dexter?

Travel Guide

Briarwood may be fictional but it’s firmly entrenched in the heart of the Cotswolds. Very different to the London life that surrounds Dexter. Dexter’s world is one of women, parties and the single life so the city is the buzz he needs.

The contrast between London and the Cotswolds comes down very sharply as when tragedy strikes and he comes to Briarwood, the world changes for him in more ways than one. Gone are the parties and the noisy chaos of the city and here is the quiet life. Well compared to London. Briarwood is not going to be the peaceful haven it would seem. Although it does appear to be idyllic:

“By day the view over the village was perfect, like something the tourist board would use in their advertising poster, the ultimate depiction of Cotswold village life.”

This is a village full of secrets and residents with more secrets than sheep. But in this place, remote and isolated it is also the place that people can sometimes find themselves.

Or find people like Molly who is Quirky with a capital Q. Baby Delphi will literally be child’s play after looking out for Molly!

Capers in the Cotswolds abound.

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