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Making Your Mind Up

Making Your Mind Up

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2000s: Love in the Cotswolds might sound idyllic but with your boss?

  • ISBN: 978-0755304912
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour, Romance

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Lottie lives in a small village in the Cotswolds and has a fairly happy life with her two children, is on good terms with her ex husband Mario and is surrounded by friends. She certainly isn’t looking for anything more least of all love so when her new boss Tyler comes onto the scene, no one is more surprised that she is. However the children don’t like Tyler at all – in fact they seem to prefer a man named Seb who also might be hankering after Lottie. What’s a woman to do?

After several incidents and an accident involving a toboggan, things may just become a little clearer…or not.

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The Cotswolds might seem like a nice place to escape to and with two children to raise, a nice place to life. However life is never simple, even in these nice small villages and the story lines of Lottie,her ex husband, best friend Cressida and her ex.

Tyler has come to the village all the way from America. Having worked on Wall Street, he ended up buying a holiday home in this quiet part of England, an area of beauty where he could escape to. And now his life is here.

Across the valley, the hills rose up dotted with trees house, sheep and cows. Below, the reed-fringed lake glittered in the afternoon sunlight

Life is never dull in the Cotswolds  thats for sure. Freddie, Lottie’s former boss led a very colourful life, Mario was the ultimate flirt and Cressida fell in love with a customer from her card making business. The only chance of happiness Lottie finds, her kids want to spoil.

But the charm of the Cotswolds soon weaves its magic.

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